J. Osteen (Dwnsampla) a North Cali transplant, originally hails from the Dirty South. His introduction to music came at an early age from his Grandfather, a Nashville session player. Family gatherings planted the seeds that would grow into a life of musical study. An exiled community from Brooklyn and the Bronx sent home to their extended families in the south, would influence him heavily with the hip hop culture. Founding various bands throughout high school and beyond, as well as taking a job as a touring road manager for a group who went on to sign with a major label, has given him much experience in both sides of the music business. 2006 saw his interest morph into producing electronic music and a year later he was gifted two turntables and the DJ was born.

DS’s sound can be described as ethereal, innovative bass music rooted in hip hop and rnb with elements of funk, psychedelia, dubstep, glitch, and electro. Varied rhythms and smooth synth work supported by deep, grimy basslines and ambient spacious pads all reflect a journey which has been a life of musical immersion.

His live shows project a big sound that would be at home as easily in a stadium setting as in smaller more intimate venues. 2012 garners the release of two EP’s as well as 2 singles for the vinyl Full Crate Compilation. The following year will be one to watch as Dwnsampla continues to innovatively travel into the fray of the electronic universe.

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